HTTP Methods for RESTful Services

POST — Create
GET — select
PUT — Update/Replace
PATCH — Update/Modify
DELETE — Delete

Difference b/w PUT AND POST

HTTP response status codes

Informational responses (100–199),
Successful responses (200–299),
Redirects (300–399),
Client errors (400–499),
and Server errors (500–599).

Http Status Code Registry

Question : What are Idempotent Methods in HTTP
These are methods which are safe from multiple calls i.e. they produce same result irrespective of how many times you call them.
They change the resource in Server every time you call them but the end result is always same.

What is Safe Methods in HTTP

These are HTTP methods which don’t change the resource on the server side. For example using a GET or a HEAD request on a resource URL should NEVER change the resource. Safe methods can be cached and prefetched without any repercussions or side-effect to the resource . Here is an example of safe method



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