#Table of contents

# Actuator
# Swagger
# Feign client
# circuit breaker
* Hystrix
# Cloud Config server
* no need to restart
* changing configuration at run time
#Cloud config client
#API Gateway in microservices architecture
*Netflix Zuul
*ZUul Filter
* Api Gateway monitoring (search management endpoints actuator )
#How to get route for testing
#Actuatar configuation with api gateway and did’t need any extra annoration
# check on — — — http://localhost:8900/actuator----



Microservices Registry & Discovery
* Eureka services Registry & Discovery

with the help of actuator
monitor and manage your application when you push it to production
add a dependency to the spring-boot-starter-actuator
#2. Endpoints
when you hit this url get some end pints


Follow the Link for actuator

swagger helps developers design, build, document

add a dependency springfox-swagger2


<! — swagger2 →
<! — swagger2 UI ENABLE →

# communicate two microservices By using feign client.
# consume RetApi (we can use in place of RestTemplete).
# by using feign client we can set time out
# we can perfom LB
# to invoke external and internal API
@EnableFeignClients ()

@FeignClient(name = “userClient”, url = “http://localhost:8999/user")
public interface UserServices {
List<User> getUserList();
User getUser(@PathVariable(“id”) Integer id);

if your services not responding then how to recover quickly
client — -> server
# in this communication client directly interact with server
so when server not responding it will throw exception
client — →circuit breaker(CB) — -> server
# all request handle by CB if server not responding then it will handle by CB.
throw a proper message and never disturb your flow of application
# it is a basic function to detect the current flow and fault tolerance and any interruption.

What are different states in the circuit breaker?
What are Cascading failures?
client — -> services(s1) — ->s2 — ->s3 — ->s4
client call s1 services for some data
s1 →s2 — -s3 →s4(s4 is failed)
client ←s1←s2←s3←s4
client get exception its called cascading Cascading failures

Who are different providers for circuit breaker design pattern?
#Spring retry



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